Sustainability framework

At Athora, we take an integrated approach to embedding Sustainability in all our activities. We have developed our Sustainability strategy framework (as illustrated below) to emphasise the importance and scale of the Sustainability topic. The core of our Sustainability strategy focuses on key impact areas at the intersection of our business activities and our defined Sustainability themes. These impact areas are guided by our Sustainability vision and principles, and supported by appropriate monitoring, metrics & disclosures and governance. 


Our Sustainability vision: We aim to ensure that our work genuinely generates value for all our investors, and enables our customers, employees, community and planet to thrive, without compromising the means of future generations.

Read our Sustainability Report 2022 for more details on our 2022 Sustainability activities.

Sustainability Report 2022

Read about our Reforestation and environmental awareness initiative. 

Athora reforestation initiative in Italy

Our Sustainability themes

Given the breadth of the Sustainability topic, we have selected three Sustainability focus themes for our organisation based on our industry role, strengths and values:

Promoting economic wellbeing over the long term

We provide economic wellbeing to our insurance customers over the long term and we are well positioned to broaden on our role in this area to increase our impact – by engaging with our communities and promote financial literacy.


Protecting life and nature

We recognise our shared responsibility to look after our nature, including life on land and life below water – from our own footprint to how we contribute to and invest in initiatives aimed at protecting, conserving, and restoring our environment.


Facilitating fair and good social outcomes

We are committed to facilitating good social outcomes, including fairness and equality within our organisation and in our society – from reviewing our own human resource processes and policies, to our investment in and contributions to broader initiatives.


Our role as an Insurer

As an insurer, we play an important role in the lives of our customers as we help take care of their future income provisions. We are committed to providing savings and retirement services that support our customers and their loved ones to plan for a safer future and achieve financial comfort in their retirement. We do so whilst treating our customers fairly and acting in their best interest to enhance customer satisfaction.

Strong returns on guaranteed products Sustainable funds  Customer satisfaction
We offer strong returns on our guaranteed products and aim to increase profit-sharing above and beyond the guaranteed rate promised to customers. We aim to provide our unit-linked customers with sustainable options by offering Article 8 or Article 9 labelled funds in accordance with the Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulation (SFDR). Our customers are at the heart of what we do and customer satisfaction is important to us. We measure customer satisfaction metrics across our markets to identify areas for improvements.
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Our role as an Employer

Our priority as an employer is to build a fair, diverse and inclusive culture, provide good career development opportunities for our colleagues and to look after their physical, mental and financial wellbeing. In order to achieve our objectives as an employer, we have developed a number of employee initiatives, including our Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Council, leadership network, Smart Working framework and employee recognition initiatives. 

Culture initiatives Inclusion, Diversity & Equality (IDE) Code of Conduct
We place great importance on our employees and culture, and have put in place initiatives to foster cultural change, including a revised Code of Conduct.  We aim to foster an inclusive, diverse and equal working environment which supports our values and engages our colleagues, and have established an IDE strategy to achieve this. Our Code of Conduct is a living document which designates the conduct, values and behaviours we expect of all our employees, with a view to building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders and each other.
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Our role as a Corporate Citizen

We recognise the importance of leading by example with respect to environmental and social outcomes. To drive environmental outcomes, we look to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, protect life and nature, promote responsible production and consumption, and deliver a sustainable supply chain. To drive social outcomes, we employ responsible management of our own operations, robust governance structures, transparent performance reporting and contribution through our taxes and charitable initiatives.

Contributing to our local communities Sustainable supply chain Reducing greenhouse gas emission
We are committed to making a difference in our communities, through financial donations, non-monetary donations and volunteering activities. We make sure that our supply chain partners are aligned to our values and standards of service delivery and sustainability through our supplier vetting process. We aim to limit our impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.
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Our role as an Investor

We embrace our role as a sustainable and responsible investor and leverage our business model and investment capabilities to enact real, long-lasting and positive change. We aim to align our investments toward companies and countries which realise opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), while operating within the planetary boundaries. 

Sustainable Investment framework Investing directly into the economy ESG Investment Risk scoring approach
We have established our Sustainable Investment framework based on four key pillars: Integration, Alignment, Engagement and Impact, to guide our investments towards positive impact. We direct a portion of our investments to private loans, mortgage loans and private equity investments to support companies which may not have access to public capital markets. Our ESG scoring approach assigns scores between 1 (low ESG risk) and 6 (high ESG risk) to each asset, with total portfolio exposure subject to defined limits, reflective of our risk appetite.
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