Our Code of Conduct is a living document which designates the conduct, values and behaviours we expect of all our employees, with a view to building and maintaining trust with our stakeholders and each other.

To support the maintenance and growth of our culture and values, we revised our Code of Conduct in 2022, which is intended to apply across the Athora Group. The Code of Conduct document is available on our website and designed to be shared with other stakeholders, such as business partners and contractors.

Our Code of Conduct embodies our values and guides our behaviours, actions and decisions to ensure we carry out our business in a way that is right for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, regulators, supervisors, investors, the public and strategic partners.

Our Code of Conduct also outlines our approach to addressing complex or unpredictable situations; empowering and encouraging all of our employees to speak up if they witness inappropriate behaviour or actions. We advocate that employees address situations with curiosity rather than judgement, and should issues be of a more serious nature, we encourage use of several channels for raising concerns, including a ‘Speak Up Hotline’, run by a third-party provider.