We aim to limit our impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.

The effects of climate change on our planet are evident and increasing. We understand the significant impacts that our actions at Athora can have, both through our investments and our own business operations. We are committed to tackling the climate crisis and contributing to prevent the loss of biodiversity and nature.

In 2022, we rolled out a Group-wide approach to measuring the GHG emissions from our own business operations with objectives to set targets and reduce emissions. We are committed to setting our targets based on relevant and credible data. We continually seek to increase the robustness of our Group-level impact measurements, both for operations and investments.

Our GHG emissions reduction initiatives and solutions continue across our operations, including waste recycling, donation of end-of-life electronics to charities, installation of motion sensors to reduce water and energy consumption, transition towards fully electric car fleets and continuation of our hybrid working model.