We place great importance on our employees and culture, and have put in place initiatives to foster cultural change through collective ownership and collaborative leadership.

Some of the initiatives launched to foster cultural change include: 

The I Am Athora Network (IAAN) is a leadership network developed across the Group to bring together leaders from each of our Business Units in virtual and in-person workshops. The initial membership consists of over 50 senior leaders - including our Management Executive Committee – who work together on cross-Athora challenges.

Athora leadership development programmes are designed primarily for people managers to develop their leadership, change and culture capabilities. They intend to support the culture transition at Athora by providing people managers with the necessary tools to foster cultural change in their teams and ensure Athora's values and culture progressively become embedded in each team’s activities. 

Our Living Athora Values Awards (LAVAs) celebrate and recognise the achievements of our employees. The LAVAs are designed for individuals to share recognition and celebrate colleagues who exemplify Athora's values. This has helped demonstrate the collective buy-in to our values, and increase visibility and connectivity among colleagues.

We have set out to increase our focus on culture and to make it more practical. The establishment of our culture initiatives is a great achievement for Athora, and I see great potential for this foundation to support our business in achieving our objectives.

Ulf Larsen
Chief People & Culture Officer
Ulf Larsen