Our IDE council has been established to drive an inclusive, diverse and equal working environment which supports our values.

At Athora, we promote Inclusion, Diversity and Equality (IDE). We seek to foster an inclusive, united and collaborative culture where we are all listened to and can safely express our thoughts, ideas and concerns. This means an environment where all employees feel valued, taken seriously and respectfully treated. Whilst developing a diverse and gender-balanced workforce has been a long-standing challenge for our industry, we believe that diversity should be considered more holistically as it includes both visible and non-visible characteristics. When comprehensively integrated into a business, IDE presents an effective tool to create high-performing teams.

In 2021, we established our IDE Council. The purpose of the Council is to drive an inclusive culture across Athora. Chaired by MEC member Henrik Matsen (Group Head of Growth), the Council has strong sponsorship from independent non-executive directors (INEDs).

In my view, culture and behaviours make all the difference within a company and its performance. I personally believe in the value in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality, and Athora is dedicated to getting this right. The key is to take steps towards a real positive impact, and that goes beyond just writing a policy on the topic. 

Henrik Matsen
Group Head of Growth