As a Life & Pension provider and a long-term investor, Athora’s purpose is two-fold. We support society by helping individuals grow their savings and providing protection against life’s uncertainty. And we contribute to an efficiently functioning modern economy and society by supporting economic growth and spreading the creation of value. While many insurance players are moving away from the traditional life insurance business offering guarantees of a minimum return and/or profit sharing to policyholders, we are actively seeking growth in this market with a simple and clear mission guiding our efforts: to bring more value to customers in fulfilling their long-term insurance needs.

Sustainability is an integral part of our identity, particularly as our business has a strong social connotation. Generating value for all our stakeholders and society as a whole, while promoting and integrating sustainable practices in what we do are fundamental premises to ensure we can be successful for many years to come. Our approach considers sustainability in a broad sense as the Environmental, Social and Governance dimensions apply across our role in society (External Impact), the way we run our company (Resilient Assurance), how we leverage our investment capabilities (Responsible Investments).