We offer strong returns on our guaranteed products and aim to increase profit-sharing above and beyond the guaranteed rate promised to customers.

Athora Lebensversicherung AG (Athora Germany) has been able to add a terminal bonus of 1% on top of our profit-sharing rate of 3%, resulting in a total interest rate of 4% for life insurance policies in 2023. This rate is significantly higher than the 2022 market average of 1.99% in Germany.

Great customer outcomes reflect our focus on operational efficiency, strong risk capital management and solid investment performance resulting from our successful Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA). 

This is the third year in a row that Athora Leben has been able to keep our rate stable. That is because of the unique strength of our business model and our total focus on sustained, long-term delivery. We are leading an increasingly competitive market in Germany by staying true to our strategic aim of creating sustained value for our customers.

Claudius Vievers
CEO of Insurance Operations at Athora Germany
Claudius Vievers