We have established our Sustainable Investment framework based on four key pillars: Integration, Alignment, Engagement and Impact, to guide our investments towards a positive impact.

We embrace our role as a sustainable investor and recognise that we have the potential, and duty, to make significant positive impact through our investments. Our sustainable investments are guided by our four pillars:

Integration: We include sustainability principles and consideration in the investment process through investment analysis, decision-making, execution and monitoring. 

Alignment: In line with international standards, we seek to avoid investment in companies/issuers, sectors and activities identified as causing significant harm from an ESG perspective. We also limit our exposure to identified themes which are considered high sustainability risks.

Engagement: We utilise engagement with the companies/issuers in which we invest to assess the potential sustainability risks and opportunities, and encourage the long-term improvement in sustainability behaviours and alignment to our principles.

Impact: We aim to steer investments towards positive environmental and social outcomes across industries, and to participate in innovative solutions that target specific environmental and social impact goals.

For further details on our Sustainable investment approach, please see our Sustainable Investment Policy.