Athora’s Senior Leadership

Mike Wells*

Group Chief Executive Officer

Todd Solash*

President & Deputy CEO

Anders Malmström*

Group Chief Financial Officer

Michael Koller*

Group Chief Risk Officer

Ward Bobitz*

Group General Counsel

Chantal Waight

Managing Director, Group Risk

Eveline Deegan

Group Chief Internal Auditor

Joanna Rouse

Group Chief People & Culture Officer

Michael Leitschkis

Group Chief Actuary

Shamira Mohammed

Group Chief Accounting Officer

Steven Braudo

Group Chief Operating Officer

* Member of Athora’s Management Committee. The purpose of the Management Committee is to evidence the discharge of responsibility by its Chair for management of our assets, business and operations in accordance with the strategic direction, integrated management plan, risk appetite and strategy policy, relevant legal and regulatory obligations and bounds of spend on business growth/acquisitions approved by Athora’s Board of Directors.