Group Chief Risk Officer

Michael Koller is Group Chief Risk Officer at Athora with responsibility for risk management across the group.  

Michael has three decades of experience in the European life insurance sector, and has held senior leadership roles in risk, actuarial and regulatory affairs. He joined Athora in June 2023 from MS Amlin where he was Chief Risk Officer. Prior to that, Michael was with Prudential plc, where he was Group Risk Director and a member of the subsidiary board Audit and Risk Committees. From 2008 to 2011, Michael was Chief Risk Officer at Aviva Europe, where he was also a member of the European Executive Board. Earlier in his career, he was Chief Life Actuary at Partner Re, Chief Regulatory Officer at Swiss Reinsurance Company and Chief Risk Officer at Swiss Life. He serves as an independent non-executive director of Sabre Insurance Group plc. 

Michael is a certified actuary (Swiss Association of Actuaries) and has a PhD in Mathematics from ETH Zurich, where he is also a professor, lecturing on insurance mathematics and risk management.  

* Member of Athora’s Management Committee. The purpose of the Management Committee is to evidence the discharge of responsibility by its Chair for management of our assets, business and operations in accordance with the strategic direction, integrated management plan, risk appetite and strategy policy, relevant legal and regulatory obligations and bounds of spend on business growth/acquisitions approved by Athora’s Board of Directors. 

Michael Koller, Group Chief Risk Officer at Athora