We are committed to offering long-term guaranteed products and aim to provide our customers with attractive returns and security.

Athora Lebensversicherung AG (Athora Leben Germany) has been able to add a terminal bonus of 1% on top of our profit-sharing rate of 3%, resulting in the highest total interest rate on the German market (alongside two competitors) for life insurance policies in 2022.

Similarly, Athora Belgium's single premium savings insurance offered among the highest return rates on the Belgian market in 2021.

These great customer outcomes fully reflect our focus on operational efficiency, strong risk capital management and solid investment performance resulting from the successful implementation of a Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA).

Since 2018, we have been realigning our corporate strategy at Athora Germany. We are now seeing that this strategy is bearing fruit on a sustainable basis and, importantly, customers are benefitting from it substantially. For 2022, we offer a total interest rate of 4% on our life insurance contracts, which is significantly higher than the market average of 2.29% in Germany.

Claudius Vievers
CEO of Athora Germany
Claudius Vievers