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Athora Ireland plc

Athora Ireland plc (Athora Ireland) is an Irish insurance and reinsurance company focused on:

  • the efficient management of variable annuities for some 13,000 policyholders, mostly in the UK and Germany; and
  • providing reinsurance solutions to insurers. 

Athora purchased the company in April 2018 and a new chapter in the company’s strategy began with the provision of reinsurance solutions. The company was rebranded to Athora Ireland in July 2018. 

In December 2018, Athora completed the sale of the entirety of the Athora Ireland offshore bond portfolio to Utmost Ireland dac. This represented approximately £3 billion of assets under management for approximately 7,000 UK-based customers.

In December 2018, Athora Ireland plc was awarded inaugural financial strength ratings together with Athora Life Re Ltd. Click here for more information.

In March 2021, we announced the proposed sale and transfer of our variable annuity portfolio to Monument Life Insurance DAC. The proposed sale and transfer are subject to Irish High Court and regulatory approvals. Subject to receiving these approvals, the sale is expected to complete around year-end 2021.