We take a transparent approach to tax and act as a responsible taxpayer by ensuring the appropriate amount of tax is paid on our business and income generated.

As a corporate citizen, we ensure that we pay taxes where we conduct business and generate income. We understand that stakeholders are best served, and their long-term interests protected, when companies pay the appropriate amount of tax aligned to where they have substantive business operations. 

We act as a responsible taxpayer by aligning with the Athora Code of Conduct and the applicable tax legislation of the countries we operate in. Through our Group Tax Policy and our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we ensure that our approach to tax maintains high ethical standards. This includes ensuring compliance with international tax standards, ensuring that tax is reported in an efficient, accurate and timely manner, and supporting the development and training of strong tax teams, who focus on both local and global tax issues.

For further details on our transparent approach to tax, please see our Group Tax Policy.