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The Athora Deutschland Group, based in Wiesbaden, is part of the Athora Group that is active across European markets. Athora specialises in the efficient management of insurance portfolios and tailor-made reinsurance solutions.

The Athora Group offers portfolio takeovers and reinsurance solutions in the field of life insurance. Thanks to its special expertise in asset management and cost-efficient administration, it can offer attractive solutions for insurance companies and customers in the current low interest rate environment. In doing so, it provides long-term security for its customers and enables the insurance companies to use capital and management capacity for other core competencies as well as for new products.

In Germany, the life insurance policies of around 200,000 customers are currently managed by the Athora Group. The investment volume amounts to around €4.8 billion (as at 31 December 2019).

For more information visit the Athora Deutschland Group website