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As part of our ongoing rebrand from Aegon Ireland plc to Athora Ireland plc, we are changing some of our fund names as set out below. The fund name changes do not affect the fund details, identifiers, risk rating or performance and investors in these funds are not required to do anything as a result of the fund name changes. We have removed Aegon from the following fund names and, in some instances, have replaced it with CreateRange or 5forLife:

  • 5forLife BlackRock Tracker 1
  • 5forLife BlackRock Tracker 2
  • 5forLife BlackRock Tracker 3
  • Balanced 20/80 Fund
  • Balanced 30/70 Fund
  • Balanced 40/60 Fund
  • Balanced 50/50 Fund
  • CreateRange Lazard Managed Equity
  • CreateRange Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity
  • CreateRange Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity
  • CreateRange Artemis Income
  • CreateRange Artemis UK Special Situations
  • CreateRange AXA Framlington American Growth
  • CreateRange Baillie Gifford Stockmarket Managed
  • CreateRange Baillie Gifford Managed
  • CreateRange Baillie Gifford International
  • CreateRange BlackRock European Dynamic
  • CreateRange BlackRock Gold & General
  • CreateRange BlackRock UK
  • CreateRange BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha
  • CreateRange BlackRock UK Special Situations
  • CreateRange Schroder European Recovery
  • CreateRange Fidelity European
  • CreateRange Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income
  • CreateRange Fidelity Asia
  • CreateRange Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders
  • CreateRange Man GLG Japan Core Alpha
  • CreateRange Man Stockmarket Managed
  • CreateRange Janus Henderson Emerging Markets Opportunities
  • CreateRange Janus Henderson Strategic Bond
  • CreateRange Invesco Asian (UK)
  • CreateRange Invesco Corporate Bond (UK)
  • CreateRange Invesco Income (UK)
  • CreateRange Invesco Stockmarket Managed
  • CreateRange Investec Asia Pacific Franchise
  • CreateRange JPM Emerging Markets
  • CreateRange JPM Global (Ex-UK) Bond
  • CreateRange JPM Natural Resources
  • CreateRange JPM US Select
  • CreateRange Jupiter European Special Situations
  • CreateRange Kames Enhanced Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange Kames Ethical Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange Kames High Yield Bond
  • CreateRange Kames Investment Grade Bond
  • CreateRange Kames Sterling Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange Kames UK Smaller Companies
  • CreateRange Lazard Emerging Markets
  • CreateRange Lazard European Alpha
  • CreateRange Lazard UK Omega
  • CreateRange M&G Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange M&G Strategic Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange Newton Global Income
  • CreateRange Newton UK Income
  • CreateRange Newton UK Equity
  • CreateRange Newton International Bond
  • CreateRange Newton Multi-Asset Growth
  • CreateRange Merian Global Strategic Bond
  • CreateRange Schroder Absolute Return Bond
  • CreateRange Schroder Sterling Corporate Bond
  • CreateRange Schroder Global Cities Real Estate
  • CreateRange Schroder Income
  • CreateRange Schroder Tokyo
  • CreateRange Schroder UK Alpha Plus
  • CreateRange Schroder UK Mid 250
  • CreateRange Schroder US Mid Cap
  • CreateRange Threadneedle American
  • CreateRange Threadneedle UK Equity Income
  • CreateRange UBS Global Emerging Markets Equity
  • CreateRange UBS US Equity
  • Portfolio Vol6 (EUR)


We have also renamed the following funds:

Original Fund Name New Fund Name
Continental European Tracker  A CreateRange Continental European Tracker
Horizon A Horizon
Japan Equity Tracker A CreateRange Japan Equity Tracker
North American Tracker  A CreateRange North American Equity Tracker
Pacific (ex Japan) Tracker A CreateRange Pacific Ex Japan Equity Tracker
Property  A CreateRange Property
Prospect A Prospect
UK Cash A CreateRange UK Cash A
UK Corporate Bond A CreateRange UK Corporate Bond
UK Fixed Interest A CreateRange UK Fixed Interest
UK Government Bond A CreateRange UK Government Bond
UK Index Tracker A CreateRange UK Index Tracker
Vantage A Vantage
Vista A Vista