Aegon Ireland plc is an Irish cross-border insurance company focused on the efficient management of offshore bonds and variable annuities for policyholders in the UK, Germany, France and Holland.

The company was founded in 2002 as Scottish Equitable International (Dublin) plc to administer a closed book of Luxembourg business. The company also launched its first offshore bond products that year.

In 2006, the company launched the UK’s first ever variable annuity product called 5 for Life. 

The company was renamed Aegon Scottish Equitable International plc in 2007 before being renamed Aegon Ireland plc in 2009.

Aegon Ireland plc will be renamed to Athora at the same time as Athene Lebensversicherung AG by the end of quarter three 2018.

Today, Aegon Ireland plc manages approximately £4 billion of funds for over 20,000 customers.

In April 2018, Athora announced its plans to sell the sell the entirety of the Aegon Ireland plc offshore bond portfolio to Utmost Ireland dac, a wholly owned subsidiary of Life Company Consolidation Group (“LCCG”). This represents approximately €3 billion of assets under management for approximately 7,000 UK-based customers. The sale is expected to close in the final quarter of 2018, subject to regulatory approvals.

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