Athora Lebensversicherung increases surplus participation for second year in a row

26th November 2020

Wiesbaden, Germany — Athora Lebensversicherung AG (“Athora Leben“) is raising, for the second consecutive year, its surplus participation for life policies to a total interest rate of 4.0 percent for next year. This includes a current interest rate of 3% and a terminal bonus of 1%. With this current interest rate Athora Leben will be next year above this year's average interest rate of 2,29 percent for classic life insurance contracts in the German market.

“This result fully reflects the overall mission of the Athora group to create value for our customers with a particular focus on investment policy. Athora Leben has increased the profit-sharing already last year. The recent decision now shows that this strategy is bearing fruit on a sustainable basis and the customers are benefitting from it substantially”, says Christian Thimann, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Athora Germany Holding GmbH & Co.

"Athora’s investment strategy has shown robust results in times of volatile markets”, says Claudius Vievers, Spokesperson of the Management Board of Athora Lebensversicherung. “This has also been due to the immunisation of our balance sheet against interest rate risks and increases in asset values during this year. We expect these trends to continue next year.”

Since 2018 the Athora Group has implemented its strategic asset allocation in its subsidiaries. Key elements of the new approach are to focus on international and broadly spread corporate credit and to avoid interest rate risks. For 2020 the surplus participation amounted to a total interest rate of 2.75 percent, which equalled the current interest rate.

Substantial growth for the Athora Group in 2020
Following an additional €1.8 billion capital raise at the beginning of this year, Athora Holding Ltd. the parent company of Athora Germany to which Athora Leben belongs, completed the acquisition of the Dutch insurer VIVAT NV last April. The group has now around 3 million customers and approximately €80 billion in assets with operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Ireland.